Livestock Systems and Controls Experts Increasing Productivity, Performance and Welfare

We increase your livestock productivity, performance and welfare by offering a full installation, service and supply solution to the poultry, pig and general agricultural industry. Working with you, we can supply, install, upgrade and optimise your systems and controls to create optimum and sustainable conditions for livestock production. We are official UK dealers for VAL-CO and poultry production specialists, allowing us to provide the best possible service available in the poultry industry.

Full Systems & Controls Installation

Mechanical and electrical supply and installation of all types of poultry production systems

Spares and Repairs

Supply and install of official poultry spare parts including Val-Co, and Greengage Agritech Ltd.

Monitor & Maintain

Monitoring and reporting of controls and systems in your livestock buildings, helping you make more informed decisions

Official UK Partners

The Grange CSE Team

To be the industry experts in increasing the productivity and performance of livestock systems and controls, offering a consistent and reliable service.

Above all we value our relationships with our clients. Our trust and integrity, alongside our passion and knowledge in our industry define our core values.

We will work closely with you to provide a comprehensive solution to any livestock production needs. Complete transparency and reliability, always striving to be the best we can be.

Industry Affiliations

What Our Clients Have to Say

Andy and the team are a great resource to have, extremely knowledgeable and able to get to the root of issues. We can therefore not only fix any issues, but look to improve on what's there.
Mr. Stephenson
R. Stephenson & Sons - Goodmanham Grange
We cannot express how grateful we are for their expertise and for how they have supported our business. [Their] superior knowledge of the SKOV system and how they they communicate their knowledge is a benefit to the poultry industry.
Mr. Manning
Hereford - Hill Farm